The Dance Place, Ltd. is not just another neighborhood dance school. We strive to offer a fun, safe, educational atmosphere for all ages and levels of expertise. Our classes and rehearsals are often informal, noisy and ALWAYS FUN.


Our beginners and youngest students receive the same attention and training from the same faculty as our most advanced students. We believe every child should be given the opportunity to shine and not be pushed to do more than they are ready for.


Who we are and what we do!

  • Friendly, experienced and qualified staff.
  • Affordable, quality dance education with no registration fees.
  • Our Facility is conveniently located on M-59 across from MJR Theater.
    • Well Maintained/Clean Facility
    • Student Lounge
    • Spacious Lobbies
    • Viewing Monitors
    • Classroom Video Playback
    • In-House Performance Area
  • Our students are our priority.
  • We are mindful of our children and are always age appropriate!
  • Extensive Class Schedule of various styles.
  • Recreational & Accelerated Programs.
  • We provide DP Families a professional, organized Recital experience that everyone can enjoy.
  • Dance Place Ltd. Alumni include: Well-Balanced Adults that are lifelong dance enthusiasts as well as; Professional Dancers and Choreographers, Dance Educators, National Dancewear Models! (See Accelerated Program for Details)


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