The Dance Place Ltd., is a progressive dance school with extensive Recreational and Accelerated Programs to choose from.  We teach all styles of dance in a safe, state-of-the art facility, whlie educating all ages in a age-appropriate atmosphere.  The DP instructors are experienced, inspiring professionals with backgrounds in dance education and performance.  Come check us out! .... we are organized, professional and ALWAYS FUN!   


What separates us from the rest!

  • Provide friendly, qualified Dance Instructors.
  • No Registration Fees with Competitive Rates.
  • Our Facility is conveniently located on M-59 across from MJR Theater.
    • Well Maintained/Clean Facility
    • Student Lounge
    • Spacious Lobbies and Class Rooms
    • Viewing Monitors
    • Classroom Video Playback
    • In-House Performance Area
    • Homework Station
    • Free Wifi
  • Proper class placement, is a priority.
  • Age appropriate: music, costumes and choreography!
  • Extensive Class Schedule: various ages & styles to fit any busy schedule
  • Recreational & Accelerated Programs.
  • Competitive and Performance Groups
  • We produce a professional, organized Recital that everyone can enjoy.
  • Dance Place Ltd. Alumni include:

 Professional Dancers, Choreographers, Dance Educators, National Dancewear Models!

 It's an honor to be featured in segment 1 & 2 of the riviting series "Dance On Detroit" by Detroit Public Television!

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